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Work place Injuries?     We are on the job!

Our Foundation

MediSource is an independent medical case management company. MediSource maintains a staff of professional and certified case managers (CCM) that are also registered nurses (RN). MediSource is committed to efficient worker's compensation case management with a high level of responsibility and quality. Our services are uniquely customized to meet your specific worker's compensation managed care needs. Our staff is among the most experienced in the industry. Our protocols were developed to help our company excel in the industry. Our standards in the deliverance of our telephonic and field nurse case management services are superior. Our foundation is designed to:

  • Identify barriers to recovery and return to work

  • Obtain and clarify medical diagnoses

  • Identify pre-existing or non-related conditions

  • Ensure execution of treatment and return to work plans in a timely manner

  • Facilitate communication with the injured worker, medical provider, employer, adjusters and any other party involved in the claim

  • Ensure that the cost of care remains reasonable

Caring for Your Employees

Our role is to help employees obtain appropriate and necessary medical care and help them return to work. Case management interventions can help to facilitate and expedite medical treatment thus beneficial for quicker recovery times. Through early interactions and connecting with our case managers, your employees will be assisted and directed to the appropriate care. From the onset of an injury, we assist in the timely deliverance of better care and communication.

Field Case Management

The direct interaction and oversight of a claim provides valuable guidance. Nationally certified registered nurses (CCM) with three to five years of case management experience assess and coordinate treatment by working with medical care providers, employers, attorneys, injured persons and their adjusters to ensure that quality health services are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. The result of efficient case management is the decreased lag time in medical care, earlier return to work dates and the reduced financial exposure for insurers and self-insurers. Some claims benefit from the face-to-face medical management which can help expedite recovery for more complicated cases. Our field case managers have that experience to ensure consistent, high-quality services. Our field case management program is customized to suit your unique needs Our field case management program is offered in the Roswell, NM area.

Telephonic Case Management

Telephonic case management is the most cost effective means of providing ongoing care coordination and facilitation of the employee's recovery.  It is also a beneficial tool in reducing over utilization of treatment. Our telephonic case managers work closely with the patient, treating physician, employer and adjusters to ensure that the best medical options are utilized. Our telephonic case management program is customized to suit your unique needs.

Helping our partners

We offer local and nationwide telephonic case management services to insurers and self-insured employers. We offer field case management services in the Roswell, New Mexico area. Our case management team is highly trained and qualified to provide our clients with affordable case management services that can assist in minimizing medical claim costs. Medisource has experienced case managers with backgrounds in injury management. We comply with nationally recognized return-to-work guidelines. Through our interventions, we help to prevent the injured employee from forming a disability mindset. We offer timely and ongoing communications with all parties involved in the workers compensation program. We offer reviews with claim adjusters which helps with cost containment and setting appropriate reserves. 


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